North Elementary Memories

Saturday, February 28, 2009


Back Row, Far her right, Candy Burdell, then Joy Woods, and Becky Estes is two positions to Joy's right. Front row. kneeling in front of Mrs.Townsley is Larry Shelton, and six positions to his right is Bruce McAlexander (behind individual posing with head resting on their hands.) Now, two places to Bruce's right, Ron Petty. then Paul Snell kneel in front of Beth Plana. Stay with us now, and Barb Garrison is standing in the front row, in the white dress, next to the young man dressed in black (Terry Chase?) Twila Wilson (?) in back row, far right. Dennis Buenger, back row, behind Beth Plana. Linda Cooper appears in back row, near center, with a classmate providing the "rabbit ears."