Class Quiz

QUIZ about our WHS CLASS OF 1966


1. Who were the two (2) sets of twins who went to grade school, junior high and high school with us?


2. Who did we vote as best athletes when we were in 9th grade?


3. Which of our classmates had boyfriends who were brothers?


4. Which of our classmates later got married to one another?


5. Who was voted cutest couple in our senior year?


6. Who was Vice President of our class when we were in 9th grade?


7. Who passed away from encephalitis (sleeping sickness) when we were in high school?


8. Who became part of the famous "Flash Cadillac" band?


9. Who had a sister who later became an aide to a U.S. Senator?


10. Who survived a fall down Silver Cascade Falls while hiking with Don and Bruce?


11. Who did we vote as best athletes in our senior year?


12. Who was Student Council Vice President and chosen as "most friendly" along with our Homecoming Queen Starr Coakley?

13. Who did we vote as best dresed in our senior year?


14. Who were King and Queen of our Spring Carnival and got beer-can crowns?


15. Who were our five (5) classmates with siblings in both WHS Classes of 1965 and 1968?


16. Who later married a District Court Judge from Colorado Springs?


17. Who was Class President all through high school & later became a fashion designer?


18. Who later married an Air Force cadet and had brothers in WHS Classes of 1962 and 1965?


19. Who later had an art book published?


20. Who were the first two people in WHS history to share the title of Valedictorian?