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Doug Allen

Cheyenne Place Retirement Community

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Colorado Springs, CO  80906


We have heard of several classmates after the Houston and St. Croix hurricanes. Right after the Houston hurricane I got the following from Marc Anteola:

We are safe and dry.  water has drained completely from our streets and most of the subdivision.  However, some areas seriously still have rising waters due to the overflow of the bayous, rivers, and dams. Happy that We have sunshine and blue sky's and NO RAIN!!


Prior to the first hurricane that hit St. Croix, I got the following from Gillie:

IYou guys!  You are so special, each and every one of you.  Thank you so much for holding onto us with your prayers and good vibes!  Before it all started, I realized that with all this intention for the benefit of all, whatever happened would be somehow for the good.  Lovely sentiment, right?  Still working on incorporating it so I don't have to continue with the gut clenching response to stuff. As Twila said, it's doable, some amount of discomfort, then it's over...and she had everything she owned blow away in Hugo.  She's right.  The worst part was no electricity to power my fans so I was a melty, soggy mess for a couple of days.  Today I have power...tomorrow is an unknown (isn't that always the way?).  Poor St Thomas (our capitol) and St. John got creamed.  Continue sending those excellent vibes to those folks and up Florida way as Irma continues on her merry way and as Jose makes up his mind as to his path and strength.  I love you all!!!

After the First hurricane, I got the following from Gillie. This came from a friend of Gillie’s.  I’ve received nothing since.

Gillie texted today. She's having spotty cell phone service but is safe. The island is trashed so keep everyone in your thoughts.