November 2022

OUR classmate MEG HULSEY MAILO is in the HOSPITAL and waiting for surgery as a result of an 

accident that happened this month on November 3 at her home in western

Colorado. In a 11/3/22 Facebook post, Meg’s daughter Toni wrote:

“I don't usually ask for anything from people, but today I need my light workers. My mom

lit a cigarette this morning while wearing her oxygen and she has been burned. We

don't know how badly yet. She is being worked on now. Today is also her birthday.

Please send all the love, prayers and so much healing energy!”

Toni noted that her mother has “full thickness burns from shoulder to butt” and is in the

hospital’s burn unit that specializes in treating people suffering from burn accidents. Toni

added, “I will keep updating this post [on Facebook] because I don’t have any phone

numbers for any of the family.”

Our classmate Gillie Walker had her own Facebook post with the headline in all capital

letters — CALL FOR INTENTIONS OF HEALING AND LOVE!! Referring to Meg, Gillie

wrote: “She needs our prayers, intentions, love and healing light. Whatever it is you do,

do it now and do it frequently. Hugs to all !!”

Many thanks to our classmate and our class-website manager Paul Snell for notifying

me about this sad news of Meg’s accident. Please join me in keeping Meg in prayers.

Please see our class website for additional updates on Meg’s condition.


FEEDBACK from READERS includes the below-listed entries that were submitted in

response to information contained in previous updates.

Donnie, I love the history of Southern Colorado! I have lived in Pueblo since 1970 and

love the ethnicity of living and teaching here! Thanks for sending the story [August 2022

newsletter with the article about southern Colorado history].

— Starr Coakley Miller, Class of 1966

Very interesting family history!! [August 2022 newsletter with the article about southern

Colorado history].

— Linda Nolin Weber, Class of 1966

Donnie, thanks for the history article. [August 2022 newsletter with the article about

southern Colorado history].

— Maryellen Brada Manuszak, Class of 1966

FEEDBACK from READERS (continued)

Thanks for sharing this story [August 2022 newsletter with the article about southern

Colorado history]. Quite interesting family history, for sure.

— Sheryl Salmon Pyle, Class of 1965

Thank you Donnie for your decision to keep the WHS news forum for our classmates to

enjoy free from what can become an ugly debate over political beliefs. Your decision

serves us all and keeps us focused on the goodwill generated by your thoughtful and

informative newsletters. We have never taken the train you described in your

article [August 2022 newsletter], but we’ll put it on our bucket list. It sounds amazing.

The landscape of Colorado Springs has changed in ways that we could hardly imagine.

And not in a good way. The area around Conejos Street has now become a trendy

neighborhood, especially on Vallejo Street which now boasts Stucco homes that sell for

$600,00 to $700,000. And my first family home on West Boulder Place that we bought

for $13,000 is listed on Zillow at $359,000! Crazy.

— Barbara Garrison, Class of 1966

[Note from Donnie: Barbara’s reference to

Conejos Street was an area described in the

article in the August 2022 newsletter about

my family history, which included a big

migration of my and other Mexican American

families to Colorado Springs in the 1940s.

In addition to my family residing in the

Conejos neighborhood, the family of our twin

classmates Stella and Della Romero also

resided there. When Stella and Della lived in

the Conejos area, Barbara used to walk to

and from grade school with them when she

(Barbara) lived close to the Conejos area

before the Romero and Garrison families

moved to the newly-founded town of Security

in the mid-1950s.]

Thank you for the updates, Don and Paul, and anyone else that helps. Prayers to Marie

and hope she is doing better. Watch out for the omens!! My love to classmates of 1966.

— Rhonda Richards Shamburger, Class of 1966

[Note from Donnie: Her reference to Marie is the article in the June 2022 newsletter

about health issues facing our classmate Marie “Mimi.” Rhonda’s reference to “omens”

is a different article in the June 2022 newsletter about May fires in Colorado Springs.]

FEEDBACK from READERS (continued)


Donnie, I would refer to "him" as your mother's husband, not your stepdad. Even though

you took on his surname, he wasn't really a father in any sense of the word.

— Cheryl Minehart Belt, Class of 1966


had only one song, which in 1961 reached No. 1

on the U.S. R&B chart and No. 3 on the Billboard chart when she was only 19 years old.

Written by Ms. George and titled “I Know” with an upbeat melody, the song was

performed in later years by Fats Domino, Ike & Tina Turner, Cher, Anne Murray and

Bonnie Raitt. The melody of Ms. George’s song “I Know” was borrowed by the famous

1960s R&B group Shirelles on their 1963 hit “Everybody Loves a Lover” — a song that

was originally a hit by Doris Day five years earlier in 1958.

Ms. George’s second song came out in 1963, but it did not even reach the Top 40 on

the R&B and Billboard charts. After battling drug and alcohol problems, she resurfaced

in 1967 with a third song that flopped and she fully retired from music to focus on raising

her three sons. A born-again Christian who restricted her musical talent to the church

choir, she revived her aforementioned 1961 hit song “I Know” and performed it at the

2001 funeral of her longtime singer friend Ernie K-Doe whose 1961 R&B song “Mother

In Law” reached No. 1 on the U.S. R&B and Billboard charts. Ms. George began writing

her autobiography in the mid-1990s, but the book remained unfinished by the time she

died in 2006 after battling Hepatitis C for more than ten years.


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That’s all, folks. [Those are the same three words that the famous 1950s cartoon character

Porky Pig always used upon ending each episode.]

Respectfully submitted, 

Donnie Martínez (November 4, 2022)

Security — grade school thru graduation 1966

Known in Security by stepdad’s surname Collier

Martínez is my birth certificate and legal surname