Nov. 7 update

A FUNDRAISER for our classmate MEG HULSEY MAILO is being held to help her adult daughter Toni with unforeseen expenses related to the recent fire that severely injured Meg at her home. The online fundraiser has a goal of $5,000 with funds to be used for: (a) damage cleanup; (b) repairs to the carpet; (c) replacement of Meg’s bed and bedding; (d) expenses for the daughter to travel 250 miles each trip from western Colorado to the CU Hospital in Denver where Meg was transported after the fire; (e) medical expenses; and, (f) helping Meg’s adult grandchild Lamar with groceries and bills while Meg is in the hospital.

Donations of any amount will be appreciated. To make an online donation, click the following link:

Many thanks to our classmate and class-website manager Paul Snell for alerting me to the fundraiser that was announced on Facebook. I never have been a Facebook member, so I rely on Paul and other Facebook members to inform me of situations conveyed through that source. One post noted that the hospital has scheduled Meg for grafting surgery, which should start today or tomorrow.

In a Facebook post two days ago on 11/5/22, Toni wrote that her mother is “in good spirits” and “scared but hanging in there.”

Please join me in continuing to keep Meg in thoughts and prayers during this critical time for her. Please be sure to check our class website for updates about Meg.

Respectfully submitted,

Donnie Martínez (November 7, 2022)

Security — grade school thru graduation 1966

Known in Security by stepdad’s surname Collier

Martínez is my birth certificate and legal surname