June 2022



FIRES, HIGH WINDS and BROKEN OVENS all served as the backdrop of the

luncheon for WHS 1960s folks on May 12 in Colorado Springs. Shortly before the

luncheon was to begin circa 12:30, the first fire broke out in a Northeast residential area

at which 1,000 people were evacuated and not allowed to return until the fire was 100

percent contained later in the day. Soon after the first fire, another fire broke out in the

3800 block of North Cascade where eight mobile homes were destroyed and one

person died before the fire was fully contained later in the day. Both fires spread quickly

due to the high winds that day.

While those two fires were in progress, WHS folks were arriving at Fargo’s Restaurant

to have lunch — only to be informed that the place was closed due to a breakdown of

the kitchen ovens. Fargo’s allowed the WHS folks to stay, but they could order only

salads and other cold items. Our classmate Bruce Brian planned to attend the luncheon,

but he wrote in a last-minute 12 noon email note that he could not attend after all due to

a sudden breakdown of his home’s hot water tank.

Not long after WHS folks left Fargo’s Restaurant upon finishing their cold-food lunches,

a third fire broke out around 3:30 that afternoon in the Security-Widefield area where:

(a) residents in 50 homes were evacuated; (b) about 200 people were stranded at the

airport due to a shelter-in-place order; and, (c) about 138 acres were totally burned

before the fire was fully contained later that night. Spreading quickly due to the high

winds that day, the fire was started by a sheriff vehicle’s catalytic converter that caught

dry grass on fire as the officer drove across a field in pursuit of a criminal fleeing in a

vehicle. Several residents in the Security-Widefield area reported seeing the smoke

hovering over the area until the fire was finally extinguished later that night.

“It was a strange day and probably a good day to stay home,” commented our

classmate Levi Bruce McAlexander, who was among the WHS 1960s folks eating a cold

lunch at Fargo’s while two of the three fires were out of control in different parts of the

city before the third fire broke out mid afternoon in the Security-Widefield area.

“I’m a firm believer in omens,” I replied to Bruce upon learning about the fires, high

winds, Fargo’s broken ovens, etc. The first omen occurred two days before the May 12

luncheon when our classmate Paul Snell informed me that our plan for me to

accompany him in his car from Denver would not occur after all due to a dreadful flu

causing him to be very sick. The second omen occurred when I barely missed the bus

from Denver to Colorado Springs on the morning of the May 12 luncheon.



pain the past two months due to fracturing some vertebrates in her spine after she

stopped taking the osteoporosis treatments because of experiencing some side effects.

Mimi has been going through several medical tests before the medical professionals

determine that she can resume the osteoporosis treatments. Because of the fractured

vertebrates in her spine, she has been confined to home in a recliner chair 24 hours a

day the past two months. “I learned my lesson to stay on the osteoporosis treatments,”

Mimi said. “To other people who have osteoporosis, I urge you to stay on the treatments

even if the side effects are bad.”

Please join me in keeping Mimi in prayers and well wishes during this period that is

probably the biggest medical challenge of her life.


FLASH CADILLAC will perform on Saturday, August 20, 7:00 p.m., at Stargazers

Theatre and Event Center located at 10 South Parkside Drive in Colorado Springs. The

venue is located near East Pikes Peak Avenue between Union Boulevard and Circle

Drive. Tickets are $30 per person To buy tickets, click the following link:


Formed in 1969 as "Flash Cadillac and the Continental Kids," the performing artists

(one of whom is our classmate Warren Knight) gained national notoriety by playing

traditional rock ‘n’ roll at hundreds of college and concert events in the 1970s and

appearing in two movies, American Graffiti and Apocalypse Now. The band also

appeared on Dick Clark's TV show American Bandstand. In 1976 the band made the

decision to drop “the Continental Kids” from their name and proceeded simply as Flash

Cadillac. They were inducted into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame in 2012.


FEEDBACK from READERS includes the below-listed entries that were submitted in

response to information contained in previous updates.

My sister Sherol Williams Woody passed away in January 2022 and as we were going

through some of her things, she still had this one-way street sign that Roy Adams gave

her back in 1966. We had some good times with Roy and Dean and Anita Pinner back

then. Just wanted to share this with you as I know Roy just passed as well.

— Donna Williams Humphrey, Class of 1966

[Note from Donnie: Donna included an old photo of the one-way street sign with Roy’s

handwritten words, “Stolen for Sherol Williams by R.I. Adams III, July 23, 1966.” I am

glad for Roy that the statute of limitations eventually ran out.]

I wish I could be there at Fargo’s, May 12. Raise a glass for me!

— Linda Horst Marshall, Class of 1966

Thank you, Donnie, for the most recent Class of ‘66 update [April 2022]. I appreciate all

of the details you provided regarding Roy Adams. It was a heartwarming tribute to Stella

as well. You are the best!

— Barbara Garrison, Class of 1966

Oh, Donnie, I am glad you included Roy Adams’ memory about his ex-wife Stella. I am

glad that he and Stella could have the healing they had after their divorce and having

three children together. I am glad for both he and Stella since my wife Debbie and I still

had many loose ends "hanging" when she died. I loved her and I hope she knew that.

— Levi Bruce McAlexander, Class of 1966

Thank you, Donnie, for the latest updates.

— Sheryl Salmon Pyle, Class of 1965

Thank you, Donnie. You are so great at keeping us all up to date. I was friends with both

Stella Romero and Roy Adams on FB (Facebook). I didn't know Roy that well in high

school, but we connected on FB and shared our very different points of view in a witty

and respectful way. I was actually surprised a few years ago to learn they'd been

married! Stella was all about the Church, and on some level we connected, having been

raised Catholic myself. I never (nor would I have ever) shared with her my

apprehensions re: the dark side of the Catholic Church. Mostly, with Stella I kept losing

a meatloaf recipe she posted (my grandson's favorite). She had to keep sending it to

me. (The one I printed out for posterity has her name on it.) Sad to witness all the

beautiful souls we’ve lost and those we never really knew. I will always remember you,

my friend Donnie, as the best Prom date ever!!! Best Dancer!!! I was in heaven!

— Barbara Billingsley Massarano, Class of 1966


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That’s all, folks. [Those are the same three words that the famous 1950s cartoon character Porky Pig always used upon ending each episode.]

This update was prepared by me. 

Respectfully submitted,

Donnie Martínez (June 2, 2022)

Security — grade school thru graduation 1966

Known in Security by stepdad’s surname Collier

Martínez is my birth certificate and legal surname