December 2018



OUR CLASSMATE BARBARA GARRISON and her spouse Brian recently became official Texans after being longtime residents of Pennsylvania for 23 yearsThey sold their Pennsylvania home about six months ago and have been on a journey in their Recreational Vehicle (RV), staying in campgrounds of national parks and other public spaces upon traveling all over the U.S. (and a small area of eastern Canada).Because their drivers licenses and vehicle annual inspections are due for renewal in Pennsylvania the first few months of 2019they decided not to be residents there anymore and sought a different state to be their new residenceTheir online research revealed that there are only three states (South Dakota, Florida, Texas) that are most friendly to people residing as a full-time RVer. Their research also found that,in addition to being RV-friendly, those three states have NO personal income tax.Upon deciding on Texasthey were required to take certain actions  get a mailing service for RVers, register to vote, obtain a library card, set up a bank account,patronize Texas businesses, file their Wills in Texas, obtain vehicle inspection and registration  to show evidence of their intent to live in TexasOnce they became official Texans, they were then free to get back to their RV lifestyle traveling all over the U.SThey recently joined an RV club, which has its national headquarters in Texas and which is devoted specifically to the well-being of people in the RV lifestyleAs part of being Texans living in the RVBarbara and Brian have been amazed at the large number of roadside trucks whose owners sell meals of all typesWith so many roadside trucks that are food-oriented, there is no need to hunt for a café or diner while traveling in Texas.


OUR CLASSMATE RICHARD HOFFMAN reached age 70 in April this year,according to his email note sent to this WHS email boxNoting that his wife also turned 70 in early 2018, Rich said that their adult children sent them on a round-trip cruise from South Carolina (where Rich and his wife live) to the Bahamas as a gift for the 70th birthday. Considering the frigid temperatures in Colorado this month (December)the Bahamas sure would be a welcome relief right now


OUR CLASSMATE LINDA BROWN was the focus of a recent inquiry from our classmate Cheryl Minehart Beltwho said, I wonder what ever happened to Linda Brown.”  According to the online archive kept in this WHS email boxLinda’s youngest sister Nancy Brown (WHS Class of 1970) sent an email note in December 2012 to state that Linda passed away from brain cancer in 1994Shortly after Nancy notified us about Lindas death, our webmaster Paul Snell added Lindas name to the ever-growing alphabetical list at the top of the In Memoriam page on the class website.

Linda Brown's sister, Marlene Brown (WHS Class of 1967) also is deceased. Marlene was the girlfriend of Jerry Frazee when we were in high school, and they were married for a few years after they graduated from WHS. Jerry Frazee re-married to Connie Hanson (WHS Class of 1967), and both Jerry and Connie were at our 45-year reunion event held in July 2011. According to the aforementioned email note from the youngest sister Nancy Brown, Marlene died in 1974. Based on that year as the date of death, Marlene would have been around the young age of 25 years old and there was no mention about the cause of death. While our classmate Linda Brown was relatively introvert despite being a very nice person, her sister Marlene had an opposite personality in that she was extrovert and more active in school activities (including being a pompom girl).


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OUR CLASSMATE Dave Larsen’s brother SAM passed away from cancer on October 10, 2018, in Pennsylvania at age 71Born February 3, 1947Sam spent most of his childhood and teen years in Colorado Springs and graduated from WHS in 1965Quite the academic achiever, he was in the National Honor Society all four years at WHS. In addition to knowing his own classmates in the Class of 1965, Sam knew several people in our Class of 1966. After high school, Sam served his country in the U.S. Navy for a total of 30 years, part of which was during the U.S. war in VietnamDuring his naval career, Sam eventually became a chaplain and retired in the rank of CommanderSam is the author of the 2014 book titled Gripped by a Global God: One Greater Than Jonah. A celebration of Sams life was held in early November 2018 in Pennsylvania.

To watch the 3-minute slide show that Sams brother Dave Larsen put together as a tribute to Sam, please go to our above-listed class website to see the announcement on the home page with directions how to view the video (with the Righteous Brothers1965 slow song Unchained Melody as a backdrop) directly on our website.


OUR CLASSMATE Phil Martin’s brother RALPH passed away on September 8, 2018, in Colorado SpringsAccording to the public obituary, Ralph was born June 7,1951, in Kentucky and began working construction at the age of 14. He was in the WHS Class of 1969Ralph worked for GE Johnson Construction Company from which he eventually retired after 29 years of serviceHe was preceded in death by his father Calaway Penn Martin, his mother Marceline Martin Bane, and his brother Steven Bane. In addition to being survived by his brother PhilRalph is survived by his wife Gail Hinson Martin (with whom Ralph was married for 48 years)daughter Michell and son Brandon, stepsister Marinatwo grandchildren, one great grandchildand his companion pet EmilioThe memorial service was held on September 14,2018 at Evergreen Funeral Home in Colorado Springs.


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