August 2022

Attached in PDF format is a one-page article I wrote for the newsletter sent eleven (11) years ago in June 2011 to approximately 200 WHS people on the confidential email list.

About the scenic train ride between southern Colorado and northern New Mexico as well as my family history in that area, the article was BURIED among numerous other articles in the newsletter eleven years ago in 2011. The history described in the article was briefly reiterated by me in recent chats with a few WHS classmates from the 1960s, so I thought I would re-send the historical article to ALL of the 200 people on the confidential email list.

Although the 2011 article refers to my ancestor as the person who provided the name of the town of Dulce, not mentioned in the article was the ancestor’s name. His name was José Eugenio Gómez, who was a brother of my great grandmother Nicasia Refugio Gómez. All of their ancestors and descendants are blood-related to me.

Donnie Martínez (August 16, 2022)

Security — grade school thru graduation 1966

Known in Security by stepdad’s surname Collier

Martínez is my birth certificate and legal surname