April 2021

AFTER NO UPDATES since December 2020 (about the death of our classmate Stella Romero) and January 2021 (about the death of our classmate Marc Anteola’s beloved wife Susan), I’m baaaaaack! Since the time of those updates, I have been falling further and further behind due to several nonstop time-consuming situations requiring my attention in my role the past 21 years as the volunteer board president at the nonprofit condos where I live and my role the past 21 years as the volunteer advocate for 200 people in our high-density residential neighborhood in Denver. Only now have I had extra time to get around to this update.


THE 55-YEAR REUNION WILL BE HELD this year on Friday and Saturday, August 20

and 21, 2021. Although plans were on hold for a while due to the pandemic, the

reservation for one location was recently made by a reunion committee member and the

second location is in the process of being negotiated. At one event, attendees will pay

for their own food and drinks. The second event will include a catered meal as part of

the reunion registration fee, which has not yet been determined by the reunion

committee. Both parts of the reunion (the Friday evening and mid-day on Saturday) will be

accessible to attendees with disabilities, in accordance with the responses provided by classmates

 who took part in the online survey sent to everyone in December 2019 and

January 2020. The committee recognizes the importance of accessibility and

accommodations for people who need a walker, cane or wheelchair to get around.

Although there are currently six (6) classmates for whom accessibility is an issue, that

number certainly could increase this year with emerging health challenges as we

become older by the time of the August 2021 reunion. Just as our past social events (luncheons,

 reunions, etc.) always have been open to all WHS classes of the 1960s, our August 2021 reunion

 also will be open to all WHS classes of the 1960s.



ARE YOU INTERESTED in ATTENDING the REUNION? If you are remotely interested or just thinking about it, we want to hear from you. Just send a brief email message to express your level of interest so that the reunion committee can begin to get a preliminary idea of how many people are interested. Let us hear from you no later than April 30. Please send your message to this email box at: WHSclass1966@Yahoo.com

THE REUNION is ONLY four (4) months FROM NOW.

On Friday 4/2/21 the federal Center for Disease Control (CDC) lifted certain travel restrictions for what they call “fully vaccinated” people. CDC guidelines state that fully- vaccinated people now can travel within the U.S. According to the CDC, someone is considered “fully vaccinated” two weeks after their second dose of the vaccine for COVID-19. Despite the new guidelines, the CDC states that fully-vaccinated plane passengers still should wear masks, stay six feet away from others whenever possible, and wash hands frequently. Masks are required on all planes traveling within the U.S.

With all of the trips that were postponed last year due to the pandemic, plane travelers are currently being encouraged to start the process of making plans now before flights become fully booked. Now is a good time to start booking while airlines still have cancellation policies in place. Some companies recommend the purchase of travel insurance in case you need to cancel due to the pandemic or any other reason.


THE REUNION COMMITTEE is made up of the following classmates: Patti Kueck Daniel; Lydia Romero Fine; Linda Nolin Weber; Maryellen Brada Manuszak; Marcia Hagans Allin; Marie “Mimi” George Torreano; Laureen Ritter Gennin; Ron Petty; Bruce McAlexander; Warren Knight; Roy Manuszak; Donnie Martínez; Paul Snell; Mike Adragna; Daryl Kuiper; Steve Cox; and, Bruce Brian. Other classmates are always welcome at any time to become part of the process to plan the event.

Paul and Donnie offered to be on the committee with the caveat that they will do so from afar (via the class website and email broadcasts) due to uncontrolled population growth causing ongoing traffic congestion nightmares whenever they travel to Colorado Springs from their respective homes located in different parts of Denver.


OUR CLASSMATE LINDA NOLIN WEBER recently wrote, “I’m recovering well, just slower than I’d hoped.” As noted in the July 2020 update, Linda went through a major back-related surgery in June 2020 and continues in the recovery stage at home. Spanning eleven (11) long hours and more time for recovery in the ICU at the hospital, the surgery subsequently resulted in Linda’s eventual release.

A longtime health professional who has been retired, Linda acknowledges that she went into the surgery knowing that the recovery would be six months to a year. After recovering, she has one more surgery to go.

Please join me in keeping Linda in prayers and well wishes during the long period of recovery from what is probably the biggest health challenge of her life.

OUR CLASSMATE JUDY WHITMORE PRECISE recently disclosed that her longtime beloved husband Sandy passed away six months ago on October 2, 2020. They had been married for 50 years. As noted in the February 2020 update to all classmates, Judy and Sandy met on a blind date arranged for Judy by our classmate Pam Rains Shuman. Pam was interested in Sandy and was hoping Judy would be more interested in Sandy’s friend. Judy and Sandy got married in 1970 and last year in 2020 marked 50 years of their marriage. To help cope with the loss, Judy has been in a grief-counseling support group for people who have lost their respective spouses after longterm marriages. Judy recently wrote: “Donnie, thank you for the beautiful words of comfort and peace. I know I will get through this, it will just take time. Trying to keep myself busy, which helps.”

Please join me in keeping Judy in prayers and well wishes during this period of grief over the loss of her beloved husband to whom she was married for 50 years.


FEEDBACK from READERS includes the below-listed entries that were submitted in response to information contained in previous updates.

Hi Donnie-man: We own electric vehicles and charge them with our own solar power,

which also powers our entire home. Electric cars, even in conventional power company

homes, are still operating on electricity, not fossil fuels. The lithium batteries are a

concern, so moving to other fuels — e.g. methane, hydrogen fuel cells, along with

building as much charging infrastructure as there are gas stations — will make all the

difference. Lastly, the earth’s rescue is the only real issue that matters. Our current

course is untenable. Take care, stay COVID-free, and thanks for all you do.

— Mary Ashley Fuchsman, WHS Class of 1966

[Her reference to “Donnie-man” was in response to the July 2020 update, which

featured the “Mistaken Identity” article about several Denver people perceiving Donnie

as an old woman instead of a man. Mary’s views about electric cars are in response to

the July 2020 update, which featured an article about the “Planet of the Humans”


My God, this [July 2020 update] was a long one. The Michael Moore movie was

severely criticized and it was pulled from public view at one point, I believe. Will have to

check it out as to that status. Geez, doesn’t it make you wonder why? Journalists have

been more censored than ever before and we are being fed lies by the media. We are

living on a dying planet and the wealthy are “culling the herd.” Historically, human

populations have been reduced through famine, disease, plagues, natural disasters,

climate changes, wars, etc. The entire planet has more people than it can sustain and

we are destroying it. So, now what, do we call you Ma’am?

— Cheryl Minehart Belt, WHS Class of 1966

[Her reference to calling Donnie “Ma’am” was in response to the July 2020 update,

which featured the “Mistaken Identity” article about several Denver people perceiving

Donnie as an old woman instead of a man. Cheryl’s views about the planet Earth’s

problems are in response to the July 2020 update, which featured an article about the

“Planet of the Humans” movie.]

Thank you, Don, for how hard you work to keep us up to date.

— Sheryl Salmon Pyle, WHS Class of 1965

Donnie, I’m sorry you have to carry this burden [of announcing deaths] for our class. Please stay well. I pray for all of us. Such tough times. Thank you.
— Mick Martin, WHS Class of 1966


TO VISIT OUR CLASS WEBSITE that was assembled and has been maintained since April 2009 by our Class Committee member and Webmaster, Paul Snell, please go to: www.1966whs.com


This update was prepared by me. 

 Respectfully submitted,

Donnie Martínez (April 3, 2021)
Known at WHS by stepfather’s surname Collier
Martinez is my birth certificate and legal surname
a/k/a Butch (pronounced Booch), family nickname since childhood