55th Reunion Pictures

Pictures from the August 21st outdoor event in Fountain. Captions by Donnie Martinez

WHS 8-21-21

Thanks to Vickie Guinta Price for the picture and Donnie Martinez for identifying everyone!

Class 1967 women

Levi & Paul AUG 2021

At left is Bruce McAlexander speaking with Paul Snell at the August 2021 reunion. Donnie’s caption for the photo is:

“Oh, I’m sorry, somebody brought me over here to talk to you as I was told it was Barbara Billingsley in a last-minute surprise visit,” said Bruce. “Sorry to disappoint you, Bruce, but I guess I’ll talk to you anyway,” replied Paul.

[Photo is courtesy of Marc Anteola.]

Lena Ron Donnie


Warren et al. AUG 2021

Nancy & Terry AUG 2021

Pete Spiers at his first reunion. And he traveled the greatest distance (from Boston) to get here.

Bruce Brian + Bob Woodward
Marc & Terry